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without traditional marketing!

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Usha consumer AI assistant!

ICE engine!

Usha finds what a customer needs and when, and recommends the right product or service offering.

No more paid marketing!

Because of ICE engine, businesses now can reach their customers just when needed without any effort or cost!

Earn Consumer Affection

Usha understands English, Bangla, Bangla in english and local Bangla languages, and responds with what is asked. Usha never disapoints your customers!

Reach Everyone

Facebook Messenger has 2 billiion users per month. Everyone using messenger. So everyone already has you! You just need to reach out!

Suites Your Needs

Health, education, retail shop , hotel & restaurent, news or media, you name it. Usha is built with dynamic design in mind.

Simplest but Best!

Usha's innovation in chatbot design lets you build your chatbot without any conversation design. Its fast, easy and fun!


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Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh